Gaining an understanding of the ever-changing field of digital technology is difficult. Applying that understanding to your own business, in order to identify how these technologies could affect or enhance it, is an even greater challenge. But it’s one that you needn’t face alone.

At Growth Partners our in-house experts are ready to provide bespoke training that delivers the precise knowledge that you and your team require to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Modern technologies and processes are described in the context of your business, making once complex and intimidating subjects far more accessible and exciting.

What types of digital training do we provide?

At Growth Partners we offer a wealth of pre-packaged and bespoke training programmes that cover the major digital technology considerations faced by modern businesses, including:

  • How to build and utilise content effectively.
  • How to build out your digital marketing capabilities.
  • Using technology to enhance your sales process.
  • Using technology to enhance human resources operations.
  • Developing organisational culture and values.

Alongside our established training programmes, our expert team can develop training that answers the exact questions that you currently have, be they in the fields of marketing, sales, digital transformation, internal operations or a heady mix of them all.

What is included in our sales training?

Growth Partners offers sales training packages designed around the unique needs and wants of your business. From half-day quick courses to multi-day deep dives, your sales training can be as efficient or in-depth as you’d like.

No matter the extent of the training you choose, you can expect it to be delivered by an expert in the field, in a manner to your liking, and in a collaborative and engaging way.

Our sales training focuses on our ACT deck, a proprietary approach to the buyer journey made up of awareness, consideration and transaction stages. We’ll apply this model to your business, looking closely at the interplay between organisation and customer, and the differentiators that result, at each stage.

How can I improve my sales team and increase productivity?

At Growth Partners we believe knowledge is power - a fact exemplified by an unerringly data-driven approach.

By granting your sales team access to appropriate training, you’re not just investing in them, you’re investing in your business. Growth Partners sales training arms your sales team with a more structured approach to sales - one that, when properly utilised, will result in increased productivity and revenue.

Helping you understand your key differentiators

At Growth Partners our training is designed to help a business understand its key differentiators - the things that they can leverage to gain a competitive advantage. We then use these differentiators to improve messaging across the business; everything from web copy to how your sales team pitches and closes.

Turning the focus to marketing and sales, our training is built around the awareness, consideration and transaction phases of the buyer journey, which together make up our ACT deck. This is a proprietary system that gets to the heart of how you currently interact with your customers, how those interactions differentiate your organisation from your competitors, and how they can be enhanced.

How do we provide our digital training?

Growth Partners digital training is provided in whichever way you’d prefer. While we have historically provided in-person training, we also have the capability to hold remote virtual sessions. We can make our training as efficient or as in-depth as you’d like, and will cover the exact areas that you need covered.

Unsure exactly what you require training on? Not a problem - book a call with our expert team and we can help you to identify potential areas of improvement.

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