To someone who doesn’t deal in it regularly, digital technology can feel like an imposing subject. Nonetheless, the health and ongoing success of your business increasingly rests upon your ability to capitalise on new technologies and ways of working. The question then is how do you begin to understand which solutions are right for you?

At Growth Partners we do the homework for you. Our expert digital consultants bring a deep understanding of digital technologies, and an ability to convey their use and their benefits in an easy to understand way. Over the years we have helped even the most tech-phobic of businesses in getting technology to work for them, ensuring their future in the process.

What is digital consultancy?

Perhaps you need to identify a specific technology to address a specific need. Perhaps you know that the only way to compete into the future is to conduct a digital transformation. Whatever the case, you’re unsure as to how technology fits into the puzzle.

Digital consultancy is the process of bringing in an expert to analyse, diagnose and make recommendations on your tech situation. Growth Partners consultants bring the technological, analytical and business expertise necessary to understand your circumstances, and help you to identify and realise your short- and long-term goals.

At Growth Partners our digital consultants can assist with:

  • Digital strategy: We light the path forward, developing digital transformation strategies designed to make your business leaner, meaner and more profitable into the future.
  • Business intelligence: Knowledge is power. By arming you with business intelligence technology, our consultants allow you to pull incredibly valuable insights from your data, which you can then use to shape your strategy.
  • Business processes: How can technology help you work better? Whether chatbots answering basic customer queries, automations taking care of data entry, or moving from expensive on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud, our consultants will identify areas of improvement, and help you to capitalise on them.
  • User experience: How could your customer experience be improved? We look at your UX from the customer side, and identify areas in which technology can be employed.
  • Opportunity identification: At Growth Partners we pride ourselves on our data-driven approach. Our consultants use hard data to identify opportunities, whether an untapped market, a new product/service opportunity, or areas in which your competitors are lacking.
  • Cost and risk reduction: Digital technology makes business processes far more efficient and effective. Our consultants can identify the manual tasks that smart tech can deal with, decreasing cost, time and instances of human error in the process.

When to use digital consultants?

Growth Partners digital consultants are ready to lend a hand whenever and wherever you and your team lack the necessary expertise. We’re your on-hand experts, ready to offer up our knowledge whenever you might need it. 

The benefits of having such easy to access knowledge and expertise, and the ability to leverage it when and where you see fit, can be incredible. You only ever pay for the help you need, whether we’re providing support on a specific issue, or conducting a full review and creating a strategic roadmap.

It should be said that technology is far more holistic than it once was. Building strong foundations in the beginning is generally far cheaper and easier than taking a more ad hoc approach, which you’ll inevitably have to go back over to patch holes.

What key gaps can a digital consultant help you plug?

Growth Partners digital consultants are able to plug any gap in your organisation’s technical knowledge. Our diverse and experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge across industries and all facets of technology, and is committed to retaining its position at the leading edge of innovation.

As a digital agency, we are particularly adept at digital marketing and associated technologies, including:

  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Content creation
  • Strategic reviews and recommendations.

At Growth Partners we believe that the answers to almost any business question can be found in the data. Many businesses either don’t realise this, or get lost in identifying and analysing the key metrics. What should you measure? How should you measure it? 

We offer a full reporting suite that identifies a benchmark and measures the most important digital metrics to gauge success for your business. We identify micro goals vs macro goals, and create a roadmap that will see you meet or exceed them. And we do all this in a way that is perfectly easy to understand, even for those who haven’t dealt in such technology before.

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